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About the Lady!

My name is Akilah and I'm the Lady of the Birth House! I'm a young (21) mother of two boys, my first conceived at 17, birthed at 18, my second conceived at 19 and birthed at 20. My first pregnancy was a wicked roller coaster. I wouldn't say traumatic, but definitely eye opening. I was pressured into something I didn't want by my first care provider, and it landed me in a very unfortunate spot, on bed rest. And my birth plan, the things that were my choices, my right as a birthing person, were shot down by that same care provider. So at 32 weeks I switched care, to Health Foundations Birth Center, and from then on I declared that I would help change the stigma behind birth, help empower birthing people to be confident in their birthing choices, as well as their parenting choices, and to educate families on their rights, their choices, and their resources. After my second son was born I took the steps necessary to become a Doula and became Lady of the Birth House.


My Philosophy

My philosophy is your philosophy. My personal opinions do not get in the way of my role as a Doula, which is to be your support person and support your choices. My philosophy is that everyone has their rights, as well as the right to exercise those rights, and do what they feel is best. I prefer to give unbiased evidence regarding the different choices you have available to you as a birthing person, as well as resources that are generally unbiased or evidence based.


The Impact I'm Hoping to Make

I'm hoping to open eyes to the choices, evidence, and resources that birthing persons, and their families, didn't know was available to them. I also am hoping to advocate in a way that empowers birthing persons to speak up and speak for themselves, and to not be afraid to stand firm in who they are, because the birthing experience from pregnancy well into parenthood is extremely life changing and birth is especially impacting. I want to help lower America's maternal mortality rate, cesarean rate, and infant mortality rate. I want to help lower the maternal mortality rates for African Americans, other people of color, as well as low income and young families, and raise the breastfeeding rates in these demographics, in turn lowering the infant mortality rates as well. I'm starting locally, and hoping to touch minds and hearts globally.


Business Name Insipration

The Egyptian Goddess Taweret is the patron of childbirth and protector of women. She is depicted as a bipedal female hippopotamus with some feline attributes, human breasts, the back of a crocodile, and the face of a lion. Taweret is also described as the wet nurse for the Pharoah She carries various names such as Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Horizon, and Lady of the Birth House. Taweret was thought to help women in labor and to ward off evil spirits and demons who intended harm to mother or baby. She was also thought to help with matters of female sexuality and pregnancy.


My Credentials

And Wishes...

As of 09/2018 I am trained by Doula Trainings International (DTI) as a Postpartum and Birth Doula.

I have future plans to become Stillbirth and Bereavement Doula certified, Abortion Doula certified, become a lactation consultant, a Child Passenger Safety Technician, a childbirth and lactation educator, and more!

Photographs on this page are courtesy of Raven Ivory photography.

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